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Table 1 Example of MEDLINE/PubMed and Google Scholar database searches to analyze the prevalence and predictors of Computer Vision Syndrome among employees who use the computers in Ethiopia

From: Computer vision syndrome and predictors among computer users in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Sources search engine Number of studies
PubMed MeSH terms was (“int j Comput vis”[Journal] OR (“computer”[All Fields] AND “vision”[All Fields]) OR “computer vision”[All Fields]) AND (“syndrome”[All Fields] OR “syndromal”[All Fields] OR “syndromally”[All Fields] OR “syndrome”[MeSH Terms] OR “syndrome”[All Fields] OR “syndromes”[All Fields] OR “syndromes”[All Fields] OR “syndromic”[All Fields] OR “syndroms”[All Fields]) 63
Science Direct ((Computer vision syndrome OR vision disorders And predictors OR Associated factors) AND Ethiopia AND (incidence OR prevalence OR magnitude)) 61
Google scholar A combination of the above key terms (computer vision syndrome, vision disorder, eye problems, computer users, bank workers, secretaries, prevalence, magnitude, predictors,
associated factor, Ethiopia)
Manual search   7
Research repositories   3
From other database   86
Total retrieved articles   338
Finally full articles relevant to our review   8