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Table 5 Pearson correlation results

From: Association between physical activity and activity space in different farming seasons among rural Lao PDR residents

  Daily steps
(Natural log transformed)
Activity space
(Natural log transformed)
Activity space (natural log transformed) 0.539***  
Time spent on indoor activities (weaving and doing housework) − 0.518*** − 0.395***
Time spent on outdoor activities (fishing, livestock grazing, and hunting and gathering) 0.353*** 0.282***
Time spent on other activities (chatting with others, eating and drinking, and resting) − 0.137 0.147
Time spent on rice cultivating 0.490*** 0.186**
Distance from home to paddy − 0.030 0.060
  1. ***p value < 0.01
  2. **p value < 0.05