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Table 3 Focus group topics and key questions

From: Bottom-up approach to strengthen community-based malaria control strategy from community health workers’ perceptions of their past, present, and future: a qualitative study in Palawan, Philippines

Topic   Key questions
Past Motivation Q1 Why did you become microscopists?
Present Job satisfaction Q2 Are you satisfied with your job as microscopists? Why?
Role Q3 How many patients do you see per week in both dry and wet seasons?
Q4 How many of your patients were diagnosed as having malaria per week in both dry and wet seasons?
Problems Q5 What kind of problems did you face while performing your job as microscopists?
Q6 Do you think there are specific ethnic groups, age groups, sexes, or any kinds of people who are likely to receive your treatment? Are there any people who are not likely to receive it?
Experience Q7 Please tell me about your saddest experience working as microscopists.
Q8 Please tell me about your happiest experience working as microscopists.
Future Task shifting Q9 Do you want to expand your job as microscopists?
If yes, in which way and how if it is not for malaria?