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Fig. 5

From: Spatial, temporal, and spatiotemporal analysis of under-five diarrhea in Southern Ethiopia

Fig. 5

Most likely spatial cluster and secondary clusters of under-five diarrhea in Southern Ethiopia between July 2011 and June 2017. The primary cluster is found in Boricha district, and the secondary clusters were identified in Malga, Hulla, Shebedino, Aleta Wondo, Dale, and Loka Abaya districts. The order of the names of the districts is based on their likelihood ratio with decreasing order. Numerical identification of the clusters are in order of their likelihood ratio. Tuscan red color indicates the cluster with the likelihood ratio and labeled cluster 1 (most likely cluster or primary cluster), while cluster 2 (flame red), cluster 3 (fire red), cluster 4 (mars red), cluster 5 (seville orange), and cluster 6 (mango) are secondary clusters from the highest to lowest likelihood ratio. Olive color indicates no cluster districts (Table 3)

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