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Table 1 M. ulcerans strains and Mycobacterium species used in this study

From: Detection of Mycobacterium ulcerans by real-time PCR with improved primers

Species Strain Country of isolation Year
M. ulcerans Agy99 Ghana 1999
TMC1615 Malaysia 1960s
ATCC19423 Australia 1981
ATCC33728 Japan 1980
GTC16404 Japan 2010
GTC16405 Japan 2007
GTC16406 Japan 2011
M. tuberculosis H37Rv US 1934
M. kansasii KHS-001 Japan 2000s
M. avium AVHS-001 Japan 2000s
M. intracellulare 4-1974 Japan 2000s
M. abscessus ABHS-001 Japan 2000s
M. scrofulaceum CTM35840
M. smegmatis ATCC700084 1990
  1. En dash: information not available