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Table 2 Characteristics of candidate tetravalent dengue vaccines in various phases of clinical trials

From: Human antibody response to dengue virus: implications for dengue vaccine design

Vaccine type Manufacturer Candidate vaccine Candidate vaccine description Clinical trial phase Protective efficacy of vaccine
Attenuated chimera vaccine (1) Sanofi-Pasteur CYD-TVD Recombinant DENV vaccine with yellow fever 17D vaccine strain as backbone and substitution of preM and E protein genes with each of the four DENV serotype PIII 56.5–60.8 %
(2) US-CDC/Inviragen/Takeda Pharmaceuticals DENVax Recombinant DENV vaccine with DENV-2 as backbone and substitution of preM and E protein genes of DENV-1, DENV-3, and DENV-4 PII 1
(3) NIAID TetraVax-DV Attenuated tetravalent formulation with a deletion of 30 nucleotides from 3′ UTR of DENV-1, DENV-3 (or chimeric DENV-3/DENV-4), DENV-4, and a chimeric DENV-2/DENV-4 PII
Attenuated vaccine Mahidol University/Kaketsuken Attenuated vaccine strains by serial passages in PDK cells PII
Inactivated vaccine WRAIR, GSK TDENV-PIV Whole purified inactivated vaccine PI
Subunit vaccine Merck (Hawaiian Biotech) DENV-V180 Truncated DENV E protein PI
DNA vaccine U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command/WRAIR TVDV Plasmids encoding the prM/E genes of each DENV serotype PI
  1. aIndicates no data