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Table 1 location of hydatid cysts in CE cases in southwestern Iran, based on hospital record, during a 15-year period (2004–2018)

From: Human cystic echinococcosis in southwest Iran: a 15-year retrospective epidemiological study of hospitalized cases

LocationFrequency (No.)Percent (%)
Pelvic cavity71.2
Sub diaphragm50.9
Abdominal and peritoneal cavity50.9
Other locations*, **122
Lung and liver589.9
Lung and spleen20.3
Lung and pelvic cavity10.2
Lung and sub diaphragm20.3
Lung and heart20.3
Lung and other locations*30.5
Liver and spleen61
Liver and pelvic cavity61
Liver and sub diaphragm30.5
Liver and abdominal and peritoneal cavity30.5
Liver and other locations**50.9
Spleen and pelvic cavity10.2
  1. *Common bile duct, mediastina, pancreas, **Kidney, mediastinum, mesothelium of the terminal ileum, pancreas, psoas muscle