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Table 1 Health protection measures against COVID-19 in Benin, 11 February–27 April 2020

From: Benin responds to covid-19: sanitary cordon without generalized containment or lockdown?

DatePublic health measure implementedPlaceAuthority
11 February-Health checkpoint for passengers at airport and land borders
-Self isolation of passengers that have been to affected countries
Airport, bordersMinistry of Health
17 February-Entry ban put on passengers that have been to China in the past 14 days at the airport and land bordersAirportGovernment
03 MarchToll free phone numbers are made available to alert on suspicious cases or people that have arrived from China bypassing the airport or land borders and people that have not self-isolateNationwideMinistry of Health
18 March-Limit entry and exit at land borders to goods only
-Restrict entry visa to the country
-Mandatory supervised quarantine for 14 for people coming in
-Suspension of all public events and unnecessary shops, while restaurants, supermarkets, schools and universities remained open
-Stocks of masks are made available to pharmacies, supermarkets
23 March-Early Easter holidays so that schools and universities can close
-Sanitary cordon starting from 30th of March around 12 towns or cities; movement of people and goods within the sanitary cordon is permitted
-Movement of people outside the cordon to the sanitary cordon is prohibited (vice versa), while the transport of goods between the two zones is authorized
Nationwide/affected towns or citiesGovernment
 Table 1 (continued)  
07 April-Mandatory wear of mask inside the sanitary cordon starting from 08 AprilAffected towns or citiesGovernment
10 April-Schools, universities, nurseries, places of worship would remain closed till 10 May while essential shops remained openNationwideGovernment
14 AprilThree towns or cities are added to the sanitary cordon (Fig. 2)Affected towns or citiesGovernment
27 April-Mandatory wear of mask nationwide starting from 28 AprilNationwideGovernment