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Table 3 Mean chemical content and retention of active ingredient (AI) by LLIN brand

From: The durability of long-lasting insecticidal nets distributed to the households between 2009 and 2013 in Nepal

 InterceptorPermaNet 2.0Yorkool
Active ingredientAlpha-cypermethrinDeltamethrinDeltamethrin
Number of nets191015
Mean age of nets (months)
Mean chemical content (g/kg), 95% CIb0.39 (0.005–0.879)0.67 (0.28–1.04)1.15 (0.005–0.879)
Relative standard deviation, %223.780.150.6
% mean retention of AI5.8247.985.2
% nets within the tolerance limits of the target dose0%20%60%
  1. aThe target doses at baseline (tolerance limits of 25%) are 6.7 (5.025–8.375) g/kg, 1.4 (1.05–1.75) g/kg, and 1.8 (1.35–2.25) g/kg for Interceptor, Yorkool, and PermaNet 2.0 respectively. Within net variation is expressed by the relative standard deviation (RSD%)
  2. bThe mean insecticide concentration was not significantly different between Yorkool, Interceptor, and PermaNet 2.0 (p > 0.05)