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Table 1 General characteristics of included studies

From: Childhood tuberculosis treatment outcome and its association with HIV co-infection in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author/year of publicationStudy areaRegionStudy designStudy populationFollow-up periodSample sizeTreatment success rateQuality assessment result
Tilahun and Gebre-Selassie/2016 [12]Addis Ababa Zewuditu HospitalAddis AbabaRetrospective cohortchildren < 15 years of age2009–201349185.580
Ramos et al./2010 [13]Arsi zoneOromiaRetrospective cohortchildren < 15 years of age1998–2007102966.975
Muñoz-Sellart et al./2009 [14]Sidama zoneSNNPRSRetrospective cohortchildren < 15 years of age2002–20078517760
Kebede et al./2017 [15]GondarAmharaCross-sectionalchildren < 15 years of ageNA22778.975
Hailu et al./2014 [16]Addis AbabaAddis AbabaRetrospective cohortchildren < 15 years of age2007–2011256585.580
Daemo and Kelbore/2016 [17]MekelleTigrayRetrospective cross-sectionalchildren < 15 years of age2007–20112268485