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Table 2 Themes, codes, and sub-codes used for data analysis

From: School health and nutrition program implementation, impact, and challenges in schools of Nepal: stakeholders’ perceptions

Themes Codes Sub-codes
1. SHN program implementation a. Stakeholders involved in SHN program implementation  
b. Major SHN activities 1. Improve use of SHN services
2. Improve school environment
3. Improve health and nutritional knowledge and behaviors
4. Improve in community support system and policy environment
2. Impact of the SHN program a. Impact on student
b. Impact on school environment and community
3. Challenges in program implementation and suggestions from stakeholders a. Lack of coordination between stakeholders
b. Limited financial, human and material resources
c. Limited training opportunities
d. Sustainability of the program
e. Suggestions from the stakeholders