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Table 1 Percentage response distribution and mean scores on health literacy measures

From: Examining health literacy on cholera in an endemic community in Accra, Ghana: a cross-sectional study

Items Mean (SD) %, agreed/strongly agreed
Basic knowledge on cholera risk factors
 I know that I can get cholera through water that is contaminated 4.60 (0.18) 94.0
 It is possible that I can gcet cholera through food 4.60 (0.81) 93.5
 Practicing open defecation may be a way to spread cholera to me and my household 4.45 (0.84) 93.3
 Cholera is caused by a germ 4.57 (0.79) 89.5
Personal hygiene practices
 I do wash my hands regularly because I do not want to get cholera 4.29 (1.08) 89.5
 I always wash my hands with soap after I have used the toilet to avoid getting cholera 4.27 (1.00) 92.0
 I often wash my body with soap daily to avoid getting cholera 4.60 (0.86) 85.0
 I always wash my hands with soap before eating to avoid getting cholera 3.85 (1.32) 82.3
Knowledge on cholera environmental risk factors
 Crowded rooms and places may be a way that cholera can spread 4.11 (1.10) 66.1
 During flooding situations, cholera can spread in the community and my household members and I can get cholera 3.81 (1.30) 79.1
 In the event of water shortage, it is possible for cholera cases to increase in the community 4.49 (0.89) 68.1
 The germ that causes cholera can be found in coastal water 3.44 (1.41) 55.6
Basic knowledge on cholera sign
 One sign that someone may have cholera is when he or she has profuse watery diarrhea 4.26 (1.04) 83.8
 One sign that someone may have cholera is when he or she is vomiting profusely 4.15 (1.15) 79.1
 One sign that someone may have cholera is when he or she is having leg cramps 2.84 (1.44) 32.7
Food safety practices
 My food is prepared in a clean environment in my household 4.39 (0.85) 87.8
 I or whoever prepares my food washes their hands after they have used the toilet before preparing the food or touching water 4.29 (0.99) 80.0
 The food I eat is always served hot 4.28 (1.03) 77.8
 I always cover my food to prevent it from flies and other insects 4.45 (0.88) 88.3
 I always store my cooking utensils in a clean and dry place 4.56 (0.70) 95.0