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Table 5 Obtained factors, explained variance, items, factor loadings, and internal consistency of the ATTS

From: Suicidal ideation, suicidal behaviors, and attitudes towards suicide of adolescents enrolled in the Alternative Learning System in Manila, Philippines—a mixed methods study

Factor Factor loading Explained variance Internal consistency
1. Suicide is acceptable   8.8% 0.73
 People do have the right to take their own lives 0.59   
 Suicide is an acceptable means to terminate an incurable disease 0.58   
 I can understand that people suffering from a severe, incurable disease commit suicide 0.54   
 I would consider the possibility of taking my life if I were to suffer from a severe, incurable disease 0.51   
 If someone wants to commit suicide it is their business and we should not interfere 0.46   
 There may be situations where the only reasonable solution is suicide 0.44   
 A person, once they have suicidal thoughts, will never let them go 0.42   
 I would like to get help to take my own life if I were to suffer from a severe, incurable, disease 0.41   
2. Suicide is a process   8.6% 0.70
 Loneliness could for me be a reason to take my life 0.60   
 It is mainly loneliness that drives people to suicide 0.59   
 Most suicide attempts are caused by conflicts with a close person 0.55   
 There is a risk of evoking suicidal thoughts in a person’s mind if you ask about it 0.49   
 When a person commits suicide it is something that he/she has considered for a long time 0.43   
 Usually relatives have no idea about what is going on when a person is thinking of suicide 0.41   
 Suicide happens without warning 0.41   
3 Suicide is incomprehensible   4.6% 0.42
 On the whole, I do not understand how people can take their lives 0.54   
 People who make suicidal threats seldom complete suicide 0.42