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Table 4 Recommended interventions per stratum for Nepal malaria program

From: Micro-stratification of malaria risk in Nepal: implications for malaria control and elimination

Interventions High risk Moderate risk Low risk No risk
LLINs First priority; limited to wards with indigenous cases and adjacent wards within 2–3 km Second priority; limited to wards with indigenous cases adjacent wards within 2–3 kms Third priority; limited to households with confirm cases only to prevent transmission NA
IRS Focal; 1–2 cycles depending on the duration of transmission and residual efficacy of insecticide Yes; to contain outbreak Yes, to contain outbreak NA
Larval control As appropriate As appropriate As appropriate NA
EDPT Yes Yes Yes Yes
Case investigation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Foci investigation Yes, second priority Yes, first priority No, except when indigenous case is reported NA
BCC Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. LLINs long-lasting insecticide-treated nets, IRS indoor residual spraying, EDPT early diagnosis and prompt treatment, BCC behavioral change communication, km kilometers, NA not applicable