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Table 5 Analytical framework of perception of the present (job satisfaction, role, problems, and experience)

From: Bottom-up approach to strengthen community-based malaria control strategy from community health workers’ perceptions of their past, present, and future: a qualitative study in Palawan, Philippines

Topic Theme Code Description
Job satisfaction Satisfied Satisfied Satisfied to be working as a microscopist.
Achievement of the motivation (hope) Devotion To help the community, village, and people.
Case reduction* Malaria incidence is decreasing.*
Inquisitiveness To increase knowledge about malaria.
Role Case reduction* Case reduction* Malaria incidence is decreasing.*
More in rainy season More in rainy season More patients in the rainy season.
Problems Working conditions Supply Shortage of materials and/or medicine.
Setting No electricity, broken equipment,* and/or narrowness of working space.**
Finances Incentives differ per municipality and are often delayed. No travel budget for home visits or official trips.
Working hours Patients want to be diagnosed any time, no replacement exists,* and no maternal leave was thought to be available.
Employment Strict recruitment policy.
Health damage Health problems caused by microscopy such as eye problem and headache.
Limitations Cannot treat other health problem.
Politics After election, policies often change.
Recipients Patient Recurring malaria,** inappropriate intake of medicine,** and/or difficult personality.
Community Distrust by villagers, belief in certain religions, and/or belief in traditional medicine (indigenous residents).*
No/fewer problems No problems No problems
  Fewer problems* Along with reduction in malaria, fewer problems occur.*
Experience Sad Community distrust Difficulty in being trusted by the community.
Patient death Patient died because the patient or their family did not trust microscopists and did not seek treatment from microscopists.
Disagreement in diagnosis* Diagnoses of medical technologists or private hospitals do not match with those of microscopists.*
Politics Autocratic behavior of politically strong persons.
Working hours Patient wants to be diagnosed any time, and no maternal leave was thought to be available.
Happy Devotion Could help the patients and community.
Meeting Gather with other microscopists in meetings, training, and yearly malaria congress.
  1. *Only mentioned in the FGDs in the northern regions
  2. **Only mentioned in the FGDs in the southern regions