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Fig. 4

From: Genetic diversity of human respiratory syncytial virus isolated among children with acute respiratory infections in Southern Cameroon during three consecutive epidemic seasons, 2011–2013

Fig. 4

Alignment of deduced amino acid of the second hypervariable region of the G gene from the sequences of HRSV-B. The alignments are presented in reference to BA4128/99B prototype strain (AY333364, positions 213–321). Potential N-glycosylation sites (NXT/S, where X is not proline) are shown by light dashed rectangles. Identical residues are represented by dots and stop codons by asterisks. The lack of amino acid is represented by dashes. The two copies of the duplicated region of 20 amino acids specific for BA genotype are represented by simple rectangles. Genotypes/subgroups are shown on the right. The light gray shading delineates the borders of Cameroonian sequences. Reference sequences are identified from left to right by their GenBank accession number, the name of the strain, country, and genotype. Cameroonian sequences are named from left to right by CMR (Cameroon), year of detection, and lab number

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