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Table 4 Tropical diseases for which HRIT could be used as a tool to measure morbidity and to monitor treatment success

From: High-resolution infrared thermography: a new tool to assess tungiasis-associated inflammation of the skin

Ectoparasites Hookworm-related cutaneous larva migrans Tungiasis Scabies Myiasis  
Helminths Strongyloidiasis stercoralis Onchocerciasis Cistocercosis Dracunculiasis  
Protozoa Cutaneous leishmaniasis     
(Myco)bacteria Leprosy Cutaneous tuberculosis Buruli ulcer Noma Bejel, yaws
Fungi Tinea corporis Tinea capitis Mycetoma Mycids  
Viruses Herpes simplex Herpes zoster Papilloma virus