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Fig. 3

From: Wuchereria bancrofti infection at four primary schools and surrounding communities with no previous blood surveys in northern Uganda: the prevalence after mass drug administrations and a report on suspected non-filarial endemic elephantiasis

Fig. 3

Three published maps showing prevalence or endemicity of bancroftian filariasis in Uganda. Our four study sites are plotted on each map. O Oloyotong, G Goro, L Labworomor, B Barromo. a The map reported by Onapa et al. [8]. All of our four study sites are in the >5.0% endemic zone. b The map is from Global Atlas of Helminth Infections (GAHI). The original map is reported by Moraga et al. [16]. Three of our sites are in the 11–20% prevalence zone, and one in the 21–30% zone. c The map is reported by Kolaczinski et al. [17]. Three of our sites are in the districts classified as non-endemic, and one in the endemic district

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