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Fig. 2

From: Wuchereria bancrofti infection at four primary schools and surrounding communities with no previous blood surveys in northern Uganda: the prevalence after mass drug administrations and a report on suspected non-filarial endemic elephantiasis

Fig. 2

Three cases (A, B, and C) with leg edema and pachydermic skin changes. In case A, the right lower leg is slightly edematous and the dorsal skin of the right foot is whitish in appearance (A1). The skin of the foot is pachydermic and mossy: the skins of the right toes are rather spiny, and the nails of the left 2nd and 3rd toes are unrecognizable (arrows) (A2). In case B, foot edema and pachydermic skin change along the side of the foot are recognized (B). Mild edema is observable in the left lower leg of case C (C1), and the skin around the left toes is pachydermic (C2)

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