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Table 1 List of primary antibodies

From: Tumor infiltrating leukocyte density is independent of tumor grade and molecular subtype in aggressive breast cancer of Western Kenya

Antibody Vendor/clone Pretreatment Dilution Control tissue Detection/linker Incubation time (minutes)
ER Dako IR084 TRS high pH RTU Breast Ca Flex 20/20/10
PR DakoIR068 TRS low pH RTU Breast Ca Flex + M 20/20/20/10
HER2 Dako SK001 Herceptest antigen retrieval   Herceptest Herceptest 30/30/10
Ki-67 DakoIR626 TRS high pH RTU Breast Flex 20/20/10
CD4 DakoIR649 TRS high pH RTU Tonsil Flex + M 15/10/10/10
CD8 DakoIR623 TRS low pH RTU Tonsil Flex + M 15/15/15/10
CD68KPI DakoIR609 TRS high pH RTU Tonsil Flex 20/10/10
CD20 DakoIR604 TRS high pH RTU Tonsil Flex 10/10/10
CD25 NC NCLCD25-305 TRS high pH 1:100 Tonsil Flex + M 15/10/10/10
CD163 Vector Laboratories Inc.VP6017007 TRS high pH 1:100 Bone Marrow Flex + M 15/10/10/10