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Table 1 Environmental variables used in this study

From: Environmental factors associated with the distribution of visceral leishmaniasis in endemic areas of Bangladesh: modeling the ecological niche

Serial no. Variable Description of the variable Source
1 Bio_1 Annual mean temperature
2 Bio_2 Mean diurnal range
(mean of monthly (max temp − min temp))
3 Bio_3 Isothermality (Bio2/Bio7) (*100)
4 Bio_4 Temperature seasonality
(standard deviation*100)
5 Bio_5 Max temperature of warmest month
6 Bio_6 Min temperature of coldest month
7 Bio_7 Temperature annual range (Bio5–Bio6)
8 Bio_8 Mean temperature of wettest quarter
9 Bio_9 Mean temperature of driest quarter
10 Bio_10 Mean temperature of warmest quarter
11 Bio_11 Mean temperature of coldest quarter
12 Bio_12 Annual precipitation
13 Bio_13 Precipitation of wettest month
14 Bio_14 Precipitation of driest month
15 Bio_15 Precipitation seasonality
(coefficient of variation)
16 Bio_16 Precipitation of wettest quarter
17 Bio_17 Precipitation of driest quarter
18 Bio_18 Precipitation of warmest quarter
19 Bio_19 Precipitation of coldest quarter
20 Drainage Soil drainage
21 GST General soil type
22 Soil moisture Soil moisture
23 Soil reaction Soil reaction or soil pH
24 LULC Land use/land cover Landsat images
25 NDVI Normalized difference vegetation index
26 NDWI Normalized difference water index
27 TWI Topographic wetness index
28 LST Land surface temperature
29 Dem Elevation ASTER GDEM