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Table 2 Characteristic of P. berghei ANKA strain in mouse model and P. falciparum in humans for CM study

From: Molecular basis of human cerebral malaria development

Characteristics P. berghei ANKA model Human CM
Stage of sequestration Schizonts Mature trophozoites, schizonts, mature gametocytes
Host cell adhesion molecule CD36 CD36, ICAM-1, PCAM-1/CD31, CR1, CSA
Parasite ligand No homologous protein of PfEMP1 PfEMP1
Site for sequestration Brain, lung, spleen, adipose tissue Brain, lung, spleen, intestine, bone marrow, skin, skeletal and cardiac muscle, and adipose tissue
Brain hemorrhage ++ ++
Obstruction of microvessels +++ +++
Sequestration of infected RBC + +++
Knobs on infected RBC ++
  1. −, +, ++, +++ indicate degree of characteristics