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Fig. 3

From: Development and utility of an in vitro, fluorescence-based assay for the discovery of novel compounds against dengue 2 viral protease

Fig. 3

Free fluorophore assay. a Serially diluted-free fluorophore (AMC) was evaluated in similar conditions as with the protease assay to determine photodetector saturation. The maximal fluorescence value (approx. 150,000 units) elicited during cleavage conditions was indicated with a dashed line. b Substrate titration assay. Different concentrations of fluorogenic peptide Bz-nKRR-MCA were mixed with 30 μM of free AMC and read after 30 min of incubation to detect fluorescence quenching. Statistical analysis involved two-way ANOVA with Bonferroni correction. Error bars indicate SD

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