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Fig. 1

From: Development and utility of an in vitro, fluorescence-based assay for the discovery of novel compounds against dengue 2 viral protease

Fig. 1

Cloning, expression, and purification of recombinant DENV2 NS2B3pro. a Graphical representation of the recombinant protease construct. The figure shows the amino acid positions of the cofactor (NS2BH) and protease complex (NS3pro) linked by a 9-amino acid glycine linker. Binding locations of primers used in the study were indicated. b Detection of recombinant protease by Coomassie staining (left) and chemiluminescent immunoblotting (right). M molecular weight marker, sup crude supernatant, ppt cell pellet, FT flow through. Increasing amounts of imidazole eluted the target protein (28 kD) which migrated anomalously at around 37 kD. Both showed elution of the target protein at 100–200 mM imidazole

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