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Fig. 2

From: Anti-trypanosome effects of nutritional supplements and vitamin D3: in vitro and in vivo efficacy against Trypanosoma brucei brucei

Fig. 2

Survivability of trypanosome-infected mice treated with supplements. a Survival rates of vitamin D3-treated mice infected with T. b. brucei GUTat3.1. Solid triangles (▲) with a dotted line show survival rate of 500 ng/kg vitamin D3-treated group. Solid circles () with a solid line, closed squares (■) with a broken line, and solid diamonds () with dotted line show 250 ng/kg vitamin D3-treated group, non-treated control group, and suramin-treated group, respectively. b Survival rates of polyphenon-60-treated mice infected with T. b. brucei GUTat 3.1. Solid circles () with solid line show survival rates of polyphenon-60-treated group and solid squares (■) with a broken line show those of non-treated control group. Polyphenon-60-treated mice showed slight prolongation of survivability, but those were not statistically significant difference in comparison with that of non-treated control

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