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Table 2 Comparison of the occurrence and number of larvae between control and treatment pots

From: Application of copper-based ovitraps in local houses in West Sumatra, Indonesia: a field test of a simple and affordable larvicide for mosquito control

  Control Indoor Outdoor
Proportion of pot with larvae 11/17a 28/38a 27/39a
 (Percentage)c (64.7) (73.7) (69.2)
Mean number of larvae (live and dead)d 51.5a 47.7a 58.7a
 (SD) (65.6) (81.0) (119.2)
Mean number of live larvaee 51.5a 0.0b 1.7b
 (SD) (65.6) (0.0) (7.7)
  1. a, bValues with different labels in each row indicate statistically significant difference (p < 0.01)
  2. cChi-square test
  3. d, eMann-Whitney U test