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Fig. 2

From: Third-stage Gnathostoma spinigerum larva excretory secretory antigens modulate function of Fc gamma receptor I-mediated monocytes in peripheral blood mononuclear cell culture

Fig. 2

Effect of G. spinigerum ESA on FcγRI mRNA expression in monocytes. Approximately 3 × 106 PBMC (CD27) were cultured in complete medium alone or complete medium plus IL-2 (10 ng/ml), TGF-β1 (100 pg/ml), or ESA (0.1 μg/ml) for 15–90 min. After incubation, the cultured PBMC were harvested and processed to extract total RNA. For each culture, qRT-PCR using cDNA synthesized from 1 μg of total RNA template was performed in duplicate using specific primers (1 μM) for FcγRI and β-actin in a LightCycler 480 instrument. For each sample, the β-actin gene mRNA was used to normalize the relative amounts of mRNA expression for the FcγRI genes. Results are expressed as fold change relative to PBMC in medium alone. The data represent mean ± SEM from three independent experiments using three buffy coats. Significant differences among groups are indicated; NS not significant. Results are G. spinigerum ESA (0.1 μg/ml) tended to slightly down-regulate FcγRI mRNA expression compared with medium alone (p > 0.05)

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